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Venonat Colour Palette Challenge

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Asriel's Sacrifice.

Done on a whim of inspiration, one of my quickest and most beloved pieces.

Originally finished August 2016

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Color and landscape studies. I'm mostly focusing on color shifts and all that rather than getting the materials/textures 100% right.

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I painted a scene from Gris, one of my favorite video games

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philippe is looking for his special valentine 💌💕

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[OC] Mami Icon

Heard good things about animating with Krita so it took it for a spin!
Gotta say I'm very excited about how crisp that is

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coffee -

heres the full res of my new icon!

the trick to making something look good small! is to draw it super big!!

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Made a moodboard for my oneshot character tonight. His name is Ilistuya, he's a celestial warlock yuan-ti, with the haunted one background. Ilistuya was studying to be a doctor to the king. He realized, too late, that the King had been possessed and was slaughtering their people without cause or care for caste. So Tuya killed him and ran for his life. A celestial saw all this and took pity, taking Tuya under her wing, ordering Tuya to go do good in the world. Tuya is technically True Neutral, but he's trying.

We were level 3 and found a cult basement with a shambling mound inside and immediately fucked off through like 8 sets of spinning blades. He almost died but the paladin stabilized him.

I'm gonna keep Tuya on hand, he'll replace Kelly the Barbarian if she ever goes down for good.

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iceland, november 2015

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Another OCs portrait. I inititally did it in B&W but figured to add a few gradient maps on top to add color.

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Birthday gift art for my friend Fen!! This is their oc Adelaide!

Me: *gets up from my chair to use the bathroom*


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bodys -

i think an unhinged woman and her giant necromancer cat are great antagonists

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intrepid-inkweaver -

What wouldn't I give to live in a world where everyone didn't automatically assume that I was a straight cisgender woman...

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kanyny -

Here's Kiyomi as a Leo, since that's her zodiac sign (duh). I'm planning to draw other characters as their zodiacs.

My main three OCs are all different fire signs... xD